Thursday, July 26, 2012

Our Night Out

At the last minute Jayson got some tickets to a distributor expo at LP Field down in Nashville - free beer and free food and a Grandma willing to babysit and we were outta here!!

Yes I took a picture of my husband with a cheerleader, so what!  Ironically, the last interaction he had with an NFL cheerleader was in the Vikings' cheerleaders' lockeroom - he catered their lunch and then went to a game . . .when they were playing the Titans!! :) 
And this is the awesome view from the club level looking towards downtown! 
It was a super fun night out . . . and hopefully we will get to see that club level again on a game day!

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eHawkins said...

I swear that cheerleader is in the Jillian videos. LOL! I guess if your full time job is "cheering" you spend the majority of your time in the gym. Can you imagine telling people "I professionally cheerlead, yes, I make sure the crowd is cheering at all times". Hilarious.

Looks like it was really fun!