Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Countdown to the Olympics

We started our countdown to the opening ceremonies of the Summer Olympics yesterday! Each day we are doing an activity and learning about a different aspect of the Olympic Games. So far we have learned the history and purpose of the flag and torch (and I learned a few new things!!!).

I remember loving the Summer Olympics when I was a kid (Mary Lou Rhetton anyone???)! And now the girls are old enough to start getting it - and how great of a time to get into it - when we might witness the all-time winningest Olympian score his medals!! And we live in the town where roads are named for the fastest woman Olympian - Wilma Rudolph!!

So we are going to continue our activities and grab some books at the library tomorrow - and did I mention I scored awesome 4th of July decor on clearance at Hobby Lobby? I got a big bag of stamps, streamers, and beach balls all red, white, and blue (for $3) so we decorated the kitchen for Olympic fun! We are pumped and ready!

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Tina. said...

Yeah there's a big statue of Wilma Rudolph at the TSU track among other stuff commemorating her on campus. Pretty cool! She's such an inspiring person.