Wednesday, August 1, 2012

15 Months

We went to the doc for Evan's 15mo checkup today . . . I can't say it's exactly what I expected - but the bottom line is he is healthy and growing . . . even if it's only in 1 direction!!
Evan Michael at 15 months

So basically the doc was perplexed (AGAIN) as to why he hadn't gained more weight.  He is of course taller than everyone in the world his age percentile-wise - but only in the 50th percentile for his weight.  She explained that a portion size for his age was 1/4 cup and how many portions of the different food groups did I think he was getting?  When I told her she simply said "Well maybe his activity is just keeping him from packing on the pounds" - you think?!?!?!  He eats twice what Samantha eats and is usually equivalent to Marlie (though she too is going through a growth spurt and eating more now as well).  Whatever - he's fine, he eats more than enough, and he's growing - just not from side to side :)

And let's focus on all the positives - he hasn't had a bottle since 11 months, his pacifier is only at naps and bedtime (funny story:  he either hands it over before he gets out of his crib, or he tosses it in his bucket before he can leave the room!), he is walking and running, and he was even kind enough to get over his fear of the baby pool before the end of summer . . . except he went in the opposite direction of fear and tries to run around in the 2.5ft end of the baby pool like he can swim!  He is also in love with shape sorters . . . though we have to work on not throwing them in someone's face when you need help.  And he can shake it like a madman when music comes on :)
The part that threw me for a little bit of a loop was the questions on development.  Yes I have had 2 kids go through this age - but no, I don't memorize who did what at what age - I have a blog for that, that's why I write things down!  It didn't occur to me to be worried about his speech (or lack thereof).  He doesn't have any words right now . . . sometimes he says "da da" and he certainly has inflection in his mumblings, and he copies sounds . . . but no real words - he does signs though.  Looking back at the blog, I see at this age that Sam was clearly on mark with the milestones because she had words and signs and knew her body parts . . . but Evan just isn't there.  Side note on Sam at 15mo - same height, 2lbs less than Evan . . . and then she only grew 1 inch between then and 2!  Our kids are just tall and skinny - and they didn't get that from either one of us . . . maybe the tall part . . .

I guess in my mind I just assumed that maybe we had traded some of the early physical milestones for a little lag in the others . . . or maybe that he's the third baby and everyone gives him his word without him having to work for it . . . whatever I thought, I am now thinking it will be a blessing to have the girls out of the house at school so Evan can get in a word in and start talking!

So I leave the doctor going all "first time parent" and freaking out that my kids not spouting out full sentences at 15 months (even though they only ask for 4 words) - I have never checked no in a milestone box before!!  And I start to worry . . . and I have it at the back of my head . . . and I email my friend Emily that I'm worried . . . and I tell Jayson that I have to start working on this. . . and I start folding laundry before Evan's nap and he's playing and walks over to me and hands me his block and says "block" . . . what he said was block, plain as day . . . what I heard was "lady, stop freaking out right now - I will talk when I have something to say, I am not like those girls that talk just to hear their own voices . . . and I feel like you needed me to say block to you just so you would calm down, so there you go - now give me back my block"

Well played Evan, well played . . . .


eHawkins said...

I love that Evan said block!

When I was little my Mom worried about my speech or lack thereof as well. She's a speech pathologist so she truly was freaking out. I hadn't said a sentence. But, on her birthday I looked up at her cake and said plain as day "I want that cake." She realized exactly what you did, I just didn't have anything to say until right then.

Now I talk too much and still want cake. Go figure

Wiz said...

So maybe I am too defensive about this issues but I am a big believer that EVERY child is different and develops physically and mentally. I just don't think doctors need to get worked up about a slight lag in any milestone. If there are several problems or a severe lag, that is one thing, but just one box unchecked should not be a promblem. I noticed today that Colt's shorts were 18-24 months and he is three in a half. Am I worried that he isn't gaining, he's just skinny.

Anyways, I dont think you should worry at all. Evan is his own person and will talk when he wants to. I will get off my soapbox now :)