Saturday, August 4, 2012

Friday Fun and Sweaty Saturday

Friday night the girls headed to their very first sleepover at their friend Helen's house.  Luckily Bethany is one of my great friends, so it made this first very easy - and she totally rocked the sleepover with 7 girls 6 and under!!  They made their own pizzas and did rainbow pancakes for breakfast . . . and the girls had the time of their lives!  And luckily they scored Tinkerbell sleeping bags for their birthdays (their old ones went out with the basement flood).
And since they were gone, and Evan was in bed by 6:30pm, Grandma offered to come over and watch tv at our place while we went out and played a few games of darts and then grabbed some Mexican for dinner around the corner from our house.  She seemed surprised when we were home by 10pm . . . we are old, what can I say?!?!
Saturday I headed over and picked the girls up from their sleepover - here is their sleepover crew
I took Marlie home to hang out with Jayson and Evan and Samantha came with me to the school to plant flowers.  She was seriously a big helper - and can I just say I was probably the PROUDEST I have ever been of her today.  Not only was she helpful, she walked up to one of the other kids there and said "Hi, what's your name?  I'm Sammie"  This is soooooooooo huge for her in the absence of her sister.  I thought it was awesome and then the librarian came walking in to do some work in the library - we have seen her several times with Marlie (because she of course loves Marlie, a star reader) so Sam knew her name.  She walked right over and said "Hi Mrs. Bullock, it's nice to see you today" - HOLY FREAKING COW!!!!  While Sam is my social butterfly, walking up and talking to an adult like that, I was just amazed!

Oh, and why was I at the school on a Saturday morning in 102 heat hauling 50lb bags of mulch and digging holes for trees for 2.5 hours you ask?!?!?!  It's because my crazy self was asked to be the Secretary on the board of the PTO.  I immediately said no when asked . . . but after spending a few hours with the ladies and realizing it would be nothing like being the Secretary on the board of MOMS Club (which I just got off of in June!) - I said yes.  I am not overly thrilled with our particular school's demographic and performance (politely said) - but we are sticking out one more year in this school, so I figured since they will have both of my girls, rather than complaining about the school, I can be active in it and make my presence known and hopefully make it a good school year :)  Well, all of that and I thought being on the PTO board would be the final piece in completing my minivan driving soccer Mom image! HA! I went to college for what and I am where?!?!?

Anyway, after sweating to death, Sam and I picked everyone else up at home, snagged the largest possible Gatorade, and headed to Home Depot.  Unfortunately, for the first time EVER, we got there towards the end instead of first thing, so they had run out of projects.  They had one for Marlie, but not Samantha.  So instead, Sam built and painted a heart shelf again, which worked out ok since her old one had broken in a bed jumping incident.
Then once we were home and everyone was fed and went down for a rest, I finished up my refinishing project.  Have I ever mentioned that I am the master of all things Craigslist?!!?  I have bought and sold so much over the years and just had awesome experiences with it.  Well, no differently this time.  I sold the girls Cinderella vanity from their room because they were trying to do crafts on it and it just wasnt enough space.  Grandma bought the vanity for a steal at consignment for $30.  I sold the vanity for $25 - and got a desk and chair for $20! NICE!  I had to sand, prime, and paint it and paint the hardware to make it turn out to what I wanted (see pic of girls bedroom) - and it's by no means a perfect job - but for $20, it worked out very nicely!

So now that I have sweat all day and showered (and then sweat again helping move the desk after it dried), it is time for a thrilling game of Headbandz and then a movie!!

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eHawkins said...

You stayed out until 10? I'm impressed. I can barely make it past 9:30. We are so OLD...and responsible. :-)