Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Girls' Bedroom

Since we just added a new piece to the girls room (the desk), I thought it was a good idea to capture what their room looks like at this stage in the game.  I am doing this for the memory - not because there is any kind of decorating to be proud of!!!

First up - a pic from the door.  We recently moved that shelf as a bit of a divider between their beds.  Not because it stops them from messing around, just to create a little more personal space.
Marlie's side of the room - she likes to do her own decorating.  She and Sam both got new bedding from Grandma and Grandpa in MN for their bdays - hers is ladybugs!  And she also got the coordinating wall stickers.
This is Sam's side of the room.  She got this bed tent last year.  For a while she let Marlie use it - then she used it for a while - and then she took it off and was enjoying her new bedding.  But after building a fort that they slept on the floor in for a few days, she decided to put this back on her bed.  The fort was part of our Olympic fun . . . somehow camping in their bedroom got worked into the mix!  Her bedding blends with Marlie's but is all yellow flowers and butterflies - just like her personality! At the foot of her bed you can see the doll house - the one toy they have in their room - so most of the time it stays safe from Evan!
Their bookshelf - would you believe I scored this thing for free?!?!  Someone put it at the end of their driveway with a free sign on it - it took a $0.79 bracket to fix it up!  All of the organized shelves are their books and trinkets - the completely messy one is library books.  We usually have so many that they just get piled - but we have to keep them on that shelf so there's no searching when it's time to return. The wall shelves have all kinds of pottery they have painted and the top one is their matching First Christmas photos and 1 year frames with a frame from every month of their first year.
And last, but certainly not least, their desk!!!!!  This is what I was able to do with a $20 nasty brown desk with bronze handles and $10 worth of paint!  And it is a little big for their room now, but we won't be in this house forever, and now they have a desk that goes with their fabulous book shelf and their awesome white beds (which by the way were free and then painted by the loving hands of Grandma and Grandpa in ATL and Daddy!)
So that's it - that's the girls' room.  Hopefully they will get a little more space someday - but this works just fine for now.  They are very excited to have their own drawers in the desk and a little space to themselves.  I wish it looked like a PBK catalog, but that's not their personalities - and I would so much rather their room reflect them than me!! To me it's busy and cluttered - to them, they are surrounded by the things that they love and adore - so it's only up to me to figure out how to keep it organized!!  Oh, and one last note - the curtains, they are not for decorative purposes - they are straight up black out curtains that we just happened to find in purple!  If Evan wakes up one more day before 6am he is going to earn himself a set in blue!!!!!


Pink Caddy Rocks said...

Hey girls great colors! Mary Kay says purple and green are the new on trend Fall colors. You are ahead of your time.

eHawkins said...

I LOVE their room! I also love that you let them do whatever they want. I plan to do the same for Stella. Everyone needs a space that is just for them, even if they are 3 or 70. I'm going to let Stella pick the next paint color in her room....this may backfire...neon...please no neon.