Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Best Friends and Best Fall Break Ever

All of my pics posted in reverse . . . but since I have had 6 kids 6 and under in my house for the last 4 days, I do not have the time or energy to fix it . . . so here is our first few days of fall break in reverse!
All jammied up and ready for movie night and their last night together

Last night with our friends - dinner at Jayson's restaurant

The "babies"

Halloween craft time

Indoor pool day - chilling

Playing doctor's office and school 

Monday we went to Kids n Play for pretend play and lots of running around!  It was just the way Jayson wanted to celebrate his birthday :)

Evan and Jameson regulating the kitchen

Discussing grocery options

The "bigs" playing UNO after a long day of fun and bathtime

The "middles" having no interest in UNO and coloring

Making breakfast - shaking the muffin mix

Matching jammies and window crayons

After being banned from window crayons, the littles decided on magnets

First time playing in over a year - you would never know it - I think they picked up a game they left off last year in Memphis!
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So back to the beginning . . . our friends the Holloways arrived on Saturday afternoon, and just left this morning, Wednesday. The house was filled with so much laughter and fun that no one noticed the chaos. 10 people - 4 adults and 6 kids - and everything was just awesome . . . everything just flowed . . . and now it's quiet and a little sad. The big girls cried this morning and it was enough to break your heart. I told Marlie that I understand that its hard to say goodbye to your best friends - because I was saying goodbye today too. It's tough living so far away from people that you love so much . . . but we know we want our kids to grow up together, and that's why we have made it a point to get together once a year ever since the girls were born. This is a pretty amazing thing - obviously there are the factors of babies and big kids in school, but both husbands are in hospitality. But we have made it a priority and its always worked. Our families just completely mesh and it just sucks that we can't be in the same town . . . but I am so thankful that we had the last 4 days together . . . and even though we have to get back to reality, we still have 2 days left of Jayson home :)
And for memories sake - ages on this trip: Grace - 6, Marlie - 6, John Thomas - 5, Samantha - 4, Evan - 17mo, Jameson - 15mo. Our birthdays coincide too - we have 2 girls in June and 1 boy in April . . . they have 2 boys in June and 1 girl in April!

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