Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Other Kind of First Tooth

For over 6 years it's been all about getting teeth . . . But we have crossed an imaginary line to another world . . . Now we are losing teeth!!

It was in the middle of Hobby Lobby - Samantha started jumping around screaming "this is so exciting!" - and I freaked out for a second (how many times must I say I hate blood in the mouth!!) - but we composed ourselves and went on our way . . . And it will happen again soon - there is another tooth behind the one right next to it!

The national average for the tooth fairy is $2.33 - I think we are gonna shoot for $1! Now comes the fun . . . I have never checked on our children in the middle of the night because they wake up instantly - how the hell do I get the tooth from under her head and put $1 under there?!?!? I am having anxiety of blowing it and losing it all - one mistake will wipe out the tooth fairy, Easter bunny, and Santa!!! Oh the pressure . . .

Marlie Katherine - first lost tooth - 6 years old

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Wiz said...

I have the little keepsake tooth box and I plan to put it on their headboard. Yes, its cheating but they dont know the difference. And I LOVE that you looked up the national average. Ha!!