Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fall is in the Air

Everything about today just screamed fall . . . minus the 80 degree weather of course.  First we started with a trip to the apple orchard.  I needed to pick up a bushel of apples for one of the crafts I have planned for the fall festival at school on Saturday.  We were headed to the dog park but got detoured since a friend we were meeting got tied up . . . so Evan asked if we could pick up Uncle Eric and take him with us . . . naturally Uncle Eric was happy to go.
Dudes enjoying their apples
Posing behind the pumpkin face
Trying to pose with Uncle, but too busy still munching on an apple
Since the original plan included Sota, we thought we would let him enjoy the ride through the country to the orchard.  The colors of the leaves are just amazing out where we were.
And to top off the fall day I made my first of three batches of pumpkin chocolate chip muffins.  These are for Sam's class because they are having pumpkin tastings tomorrow since it's National Pumpkin Week?  Marlie has requested the same muffins for her fall celebration next week (over cookies even! and I make these suckers with whole wheat flour and flax!).  And they were my original plan for a brunch I am attending next Friday . . . what can I say, they are that awesome.
And to top off the night the girls and I sat down to stuff treat bags for their fall parties next week at school (I am still at a loss as to whom we are offending by calling it a Halloween party - but they are both called fall celebrations - I am not politically correct - everything I am sending is straight up Halloween theme! So there!).  I bought everything last year on clearance, so I got some great stuff like little playdohs, pumpkin erasers, pencils, etc. and of course a little candy that Publix was so kind to put on bogo free last week - 37 treat bags for $6 - that's why they pay me the big bucks!
And now I am starting to lose my voice . . .I think Evan and I are talking too much during the day now that he wants to have awesome conversations . . . at least I am hoping that's what it is :)

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