Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Busy Saturday

This Saturday was pretty fast moving. Friday night and a good part of Saturday morning were spent organizing and running the girls' fall festival at school. It wouldn't have been so crazy if we had more volunteers to help . . . But that's a complaint session for another day :)

The girls had a great time and that's what was important. Grandma came for a little bit so they could play while I finished up shift change on volunteers. Then I took them around for a bit - and there are a few perks when your Mom is an organizer, so it was worth the wait for them :) Face painting, purple hair spray, and the inflatables were some of the favorites!

Then we headed home to pick up Daddy and Evan and head downtown for some trick or treating fun!  The kids loved it . . . are the poses priceless or what??
Evan wants nothing to do with the hood of his dinosaur costume - so I will just pretend that he is a turtle instead.  There is no theme this year . . . sigh, no matching . . . but I got what everyone wanted and did it within a ridiculous budget!  Marlie wanted the same costume as last year, Jessie from Toy Story - I refused to pay again, and seeing that she grew 4 inches, the costume from last year was not happening.  Scored a used one for $10 in the next size up . .. I hope Sam grows to love Jessie!  Sam's pumpkin costume was my favorite - brand new with tags at a consingment shop for $10 - and I am all about gender neutral costumes that can be passed on to the little man . . . who is a dinosaur (turtle).  I scored Evan's costume last Christmas - it was left at Belk on the clearance rack the day after Christmas - it's a Carters costume, which means it's easy and durable . . . and it was $2.80 :)  All the stuff under Sam's pumpkin (all Carters - Halloween leggings and black cat shirt, also scored after Christmas, $4).  Like I have said before, my ability to bargain shop . . . 3 costumes under $30 . . . WITH kids picking the costumes . . . that's why they pay me the big bucks :)

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