Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Treats

The kids got a package of Halloween goodies from their grandparents in MN - one of the things in there was this creepy pizza cookie kit! The pictures say it all . . . It was pretty funny though. Marlie was moderately grossed out by the ingredients (eyeball gumballs, blood red icing, etc) - Samantha on the other hand has been asking about 8 times a day since it came to make it, she was completely captivated by the "spookiness" as she says. They had a blast making them - Marlie ate the whole thing, and then Sam took one bite and said no thanks! Ha! Funny how that happens!

Sam didn't go without treats though - I know I mentioned at our friend's fall fling that she won a whole cake on the cake walk - but she did it again at her own fall festival too, so she opted for cake :)

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