Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I am Here

I read a blog post recently that made me really think. It talked about the unfortunate early death of a mother due to ovarian cancer. This event spawned talk because, from what I gather in reading her blog, was pretty freaking awesome and was bound and determined that the sons she was leaving behind knew her and had memories of her. The blog is on my blogroll, and you can find the link in the post -

So posts have been written about memories with your kids. If your kids looked back at the pictures of their life, how many are you in? They might have a lot of pictures of events and activities, but if for some reason you were gone tomorrow, would they know what you looked like today?

I think this is something we should just know, but we don't. I write this blog so one day (when I find a spare couple hundred bucks) I can print it into a nice leather bound book and have it for always for my kids to look back and read. That doesn't necessarily mean that they will find too many pictures of me. The logical part of me says that they will know that I was the one taking the pictures and writing the stories - but my heart just made me cry when I read about the mother who passed away. And even though I should know better, I wish 6 years ago someone had looked at me in the eyes and said "It doesn't matter if you don't look perfect, don't delete that picture!"

So here you go - a little proof in photos that I am here. And this is about as real as it gets - this is a morning. Workout clothes, no makeup, some in pjs, some opting for no pants . . But love . . . Me and the 3 people that are my purpose!


Pink Caddy Rocks said...

Beautiful you!

Tina. said...

Yay! I of course love seeing picture of you!

Wiz said...

So so sad. There is another article of a similar nature circulating as well written by a mom about being too self conscience about how she looks post baby that she never gets in pictures, but that its important for moms to get in pictures so our kids can look back and see us when we were young, etc etc. It is really well written. Anyways, I think it is important to get in the pictures with our kids and love these you took!