Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My Big Boy

He is growing so fast . . . He is almost 18mo old!!

He gave up his pacifiers yesterday with no issue. We put them in a bag and he threw them away and said bye and we have had no issues! Amazing!

He also gave up his morning nap a few days ago! Such is life - he held onto it for 4-5 months longer than the girls did.

We played with playdoh for the first time today - he didn't eat it, so I will consider that a win. I don't know that his sisters will love having him at the table to do it with them, but we will get there.

Evan has discovered a love of coloring. He enjoys going to the craft cabinet and pulling out whatever he wants to color on and then sits at the craft table like its his job!

He got 2 molars last week!

He is saying more and more words and repeats a lot of sounds! His favorite right now is to point at you and say "back" when he leaves a room. He wants you to know that he is coming back and you better not move!

My big boy - one day you will fit in your Daddy's shoes, but you can slow down, it's ok!

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