Saturday, November 3, 2012

18 Month Stats

Evan went for his 18 month checkup on Friday.  He only got one shot, but it was enough to sufficiently knock him out!
His pacifier has been gone for a few weeks now, and I had thought that was the cause of the rash on his face . . . but no, turns out he just has sensitive skin on the face just like Sam did at that age.  Hopefully the steroid cream will clear it up pretty quickly!
The doc was very pleased with all of the words that he has picked up . . . I will be happier once we have more words and less tantrums!
The stats - 27lbs even and 34.5in tall . . . the EXACT same meausrements of Samantha at age 2! Ha!
Evan has days that are better than others . . . and when he's being sweet, he is the most precious little boy!  But when he is having a demon day filled with tantrums, I question whether we will both make it to bedtime alive!  I just keep telling myself "you have parented 2 other children through this phase of life and everyone lived through it" . . . but some days it jsut doesn't feel like it!! It's just a little rough right now with the lack of words and the surplus of demands . . . but we are working through it :)
Anyway - he is happy, healthy, and growing awesomely and a little too quickly!

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