Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Visit and Home Depot

We were lucky enough to get a quick visit from my awesome friend (and workout buddy) Emily this weekend!  She had a wedding in Nashville on Saturday, so she drove up and spent Friday night and Saturday morning with us! It was so nice to spend the time.  We email everyday as part of our workout plan/therapy, but it's been 3 years since we've gotten to hang out . . . we have to make sure that doesn't happen again!

We had a lot of fun on Friday night just hanging out
Then Saturday morning we headed over to Home Depot.  Evan got to walk around this time since there were no hammers involved with the projects . . . he did try to turn the screwdrivers into hammers though!
Emily (aka Marlie's new BFF) helped Marlie with her project
And Jayson helped Sammie with hers
And we ended up with fabulous turkey napkin holders!
The girls LOVED having Emily here and were so excited even though they had never met her before!  They talked Emily into playing all kinds of games with them and they had a great time :)


eHawkins said...

2 things,
1)I love every second of my time at your house. You and Jayson are so fun and your kids...LOVE. Between the hugs from Evan and the games with Marlie and Sam, I pretty much wanted to move in with you.

2)I'm happy I don't look nearly as bad as I felt in that picture. Marlie's insistance on the workout that morning probably helped. Oh and throwing up at Mapco.

Wiz said...

Sooo either Emily is suffering morning sickness or she had too much to drink, ha :)

So glad you all got to hang out!