Monday, November 19, 2012

A Day in Pictures

I thought it had been a while since I did a post of a normal day, especially now that the girls are in school and it's just Evan and me.
6am - wakeup time!  I don't really set an alarm clock - I have 3 natural ones!  Somehow today, the littlest alarm clock crossed his hump and slept until almost 7am!  But the other 2 are more constant.  So I start my day the same every Monday-Friday - lunches!  If we are going to be out and about at playgroup or something, I just go ahead and pack Evan's lunch too.
 I have tried to do all kinds of fun things in their lunches, but shocker!, my kids prefer the same thing every day with little change!  So they get their respective sandwhiches, yogurt, fruit, veggie sticks, and once in a while a granola bar, energy bite, or something else little.

7am - everyone has their lunch packed and has been served their breakfast - now it's time for working out!  And yes, I am keeping this up as long as the doc says it's cool.  After 4 months of religiously following this workout 6 days a week I had lost 11lbs and 33in . . . I guess the optimistic way to phrase it would be that the downturn is over and now I am on the upswing ;)
8:30am - Marlie has been gone at this point for an hour and the troops start to get antsy about knowing what the day is going to include.  This is what I usually encounter - I am not even close to having Evan dressed, and Sam is ready to hit the bus, 40 minutes early! 

Eventually I get Evan ready and we load up the van so we can take off as soon as Sam hops on the bus.  This is a picture of her basically saying with her face "Mom, I see the bus right there and I need to go, must you really take a picture of me right now?" Yes ;) 
I love this sticker that I saw on the back of a van on the way to the library!  This is so much better than those stick families . . . and practical too!

9:30am - Storytime for Evan - his hair was doing less than mine today! 

10:30am - playgroup at the park to enjoy the weather before it gets cold!! I love that he insists on carrying his own lunchbox.

Walking with style and ready for playgroup! 

Noon - Evan is napping (he gave up his morning nap and traded it for a 3 hour afternoon nap instead!).  I look at my kitchen in complete denial about the fact that the dishwasher stopped working last night

2pm - cleaning up a little more during nap and found random childproofing utensils on the floor . . . I don't think they're being very effective right now.  He likes to pick out outlet covers and he can jimmy the cabinet lock just so and will pop it off!

4pm - everyone has been picked up/dropped off from school and is anxious to take a break and watch the Dora Thanksgiving show I recorded today . . . well, Evan isn't really interested, he is still busy sporting his faux hawk and he only really looks at the tv when it's Mickey, Elmo, or Chuggington.
Around 4:30pm the dishwasher repairman showed up to deliver the awesome news that the dishwasher motor had blown - and even if he got the part in and the repair approved by the rental agency we are looking at next week before we get our dishwasher fixed . . . from there I started in on handwashing dishes and then decided that we were hitting up a drive thru because I was only halfway done and it was past dinnertime - did I mention that I made energy bites and about 5 dozen muffins last night?  Oh the dishes.  On the way to the drive thru I decided that we will most likely be searching for some pretty leafy paper plates for Thanksgiving dinner . . . love the timing!
So alas, there are no pictures to finish out the day . . . but I will sum it up - dinner, jammies, homework, computer games, teeth brushing, and bedtime :)
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