Sunday, November 18, 2012

All Kinds of Fun

We started out the weekend of fun on Friday.  I went to the school for a tea for Marlie - she received Star Student again this year :)  They pick one boy and one girl from each class to be the star student each 9 weeks . . . naturally, she scored the title for the very first 9 weeks in her class! So beyond proud of that chic!
Then Saturday was a pretty busy day!  We got up and went to the store for Thanksgiving stuff (because I can't just buy all my stuff at one store, I have to go where the items I need are on sale!) - and the girls and I scored a 27lb turkey!  Then we went for family pictures . . . then to Kroger for the rest of the items that we needed . . . and finally Marlie and I took off for a Girl Scout event at a local Christmas tree farm! 
The girls had a ton of fun for several hours . . . and Marlie told Santa that she wants a camera for Christmas! I WILL TAKE IT!! There is a 7MP Hello Kitty digital camera at Target for $30 . . . so much more budget friendly than the 650 piece $70 LEGO house the girls wanted to ask Santa for as a joint gift! And convincing Sam that Marlie was bailing ship on the LEGO house as her preferred Santa gift was a non-issue, once she heard that Marlie was bailing, she wasn't making it her only present! HA! In our house it is explained that Santa has limited room in his sleigh for presents since he obviously has SO MANY to deliver. We have told them that Santa stuffs stockings and generally only brings 2-3 presents per kid. Their strategy was to ask for a joint present like the LEGO house and then additional gifts . . . but Marlie has reprioritized and I will gladly support that!
Then we spent the rest of the night hanging out at home and recovering from the day . . . or maybe that was my tired pregnant self that had to recover (enter first trimester exhaustion!).  Unfortunately, the kids posed for pictures at home a hell of a lot better than they did with the photographer!!

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