Sunday, November 11, 2012

And Then There Were Four

Evan was stunned about his new shirt . . . And so were we!!!

But as it turns out this Independence Day we will be celebrating the opposite of independence as Baby Crandall #4 joins our family!!

Reactions of the girls:

Marlie, my forever realist - "Mom that means you are going to have 4 kids to take care of!!"

Samantha, the comic relief - "We'll I hope it's a girl because I want a girl to babysit!"

But of course the general feeling is excitement . . . With a little bit of surprise  :)


eHawkins said...

Marlie! LOL! That's hilarious! I'm hoping boy to even the score at your house.

Wiz said...

Aghhhhhh congrats!! How exciting, and terrifying :) I know you couldnt decide if you were done or not so I guess this answers that question, just like our little surprise did :) Cant wait to read all about your pregnancy and new precious addition!