Friday, November 9, 2012


A few years ago we did a thankful tree with Marlie around this time of the year - I thought it was something worth bringing back this year . . . Only I cut it out myself so it doesn't look quite as awesome as the one from nick jr did!! The girls are gradually adding leaves with things they are thankful for written on them. It's a great conversation starter and makes them think a little more about what they have that others may not. I don't think at this age they necessarily have the faculties to "take something for granted" as much as it just doesn't occur to them - so this just makes them aware, and of course, thankful as they realize not everyone has the benefits of a life like theirs.

Me personally - today I am extremely thankful for my high capacity washer and dryer. They have always been loved by me, but today, there aren't words for the thankfulness! On top of laundry for 3 kids, 2 adults, cloth diapers, cloth napkins and towels, and chef clothes - in the last 24 hours we have added towels to clean up a flood caused by a certain toddler who got a hold of the diaper sprayer in the bathroom (it shoots 17ft of forceful water in case you ever need to know - 17ft people!!!!) and towels to clean up several explosions that Sota's stomach decided to create. I will, however, give our dog credit. He couldn't make it outside but all be damned he made it not only into the bathroom, but the 2nd part of the bathroom where the toilet is - that is talent!!!! He was trying that's for sure - unfortunately it ended in washing of several bath mats and a shower curtain, but hey, it wasn't the carpet . . . He saved that for later :)

The moral of the story, there is always something to be thankful for . . . Yes Evan exploded the diaper sprayer and covered the laundry room, dining room, kitchen, and bathroom with a powerful erratic stream of water . . . But he missed our iPhones on the docking station by 2 inches! And yes Sota is extremely ill right now, but the mess has been minimal, and at least it was in an area that we had to look for by smell at 5am and not right under our feet when we got out of bed!

I am off to continue several hours of thankfulness with my washer and dryer!

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