Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Reflections

One of the blogs that I read, Simple Mom, published a list of questions for reflection of the year.  I am not going to do all of them, but I think there a few worth noting . . . since we are blowing it up over here with our champagne and my wonderful sushi I already scarfed down, it seemed like the thing to do.  Cheers to NYE in pajamas with no hope of making it to midnight . . .

1, The single best thing that happened this year - Without a doubt I would have to say our trip to Disney World.  Not only because we had time together as a family, but because of the fact that we truly saw our little girls' dreams come true!  It may sound cheesy - but you don't know until you're there.  Especially when you are a parent now and remember always wanting to go to Disney World as a kid and never getting to go (minus a one day stop on a church choir tour when I was 16).  It was by far everything I hoped and then some!  And given Evan's love of Mickey, we will for sure have to do it again . . . in like 3-4 years!

2. The single most challenging thing from the year - We lucked out this year and didn't hit this one until the last few weeks of the year.  I would have to say that losing a baby was never something that would've crossed my mind - especially not after 3 perfectly healthy babies.  But alas, it happened, and we got through it and came out on the other end more grateful for what we have. We'll see what the future holds in the realm of babies . . . but for now, we love our kiddos and are blessed by them every day!

3.Ways that you grew physically/spiritually - Physcially is an easy one.  Thanks to my friend Emily I lost 33in and 10lbs!  I took a break over the last 7 weeks, but we fired it back up today starting another 90 days.  The goal for this 90 days 20lbs and 10in - it will totally happen!  Spiritually - for me it's all in the reading.  I have to read things that help me focus on keeping calm, remaining centered, and prioritizing the things of life.  I feel like as long as I keep those in my mind at all times, I will move forward. For the next year I hope to work more centered focused meditation into my routine - I can be honest and say that I don't know if it will happen in the traditional sense of the term - but for as long as I have my 30min of working out every day, I will at least get part of it!

4, Biggest time waster of the year - I don't do Facebook, Twitter, or Pintrest - and I most definitely do not consider my one form of social media, this blog, a time waster.  This question is, however, a very easy one to answer.  I made the mistake of asking Jayson to show me how to play Solitaire, and on the iPhone no less.  I can say though, as soon as I beat his time and number of moves, my playing time went down drastically :)

5. What was the biggest thing learned this year - Well it's not something necessarily learned, but definitely something I am reminded of when I look back . . . time goes by quickly . . . and there is nothing to do to slow it down, or slow down how quickly these kids are growing up!  But each year I learn a little bit more to remember that the people in these pictures mean everything in the world to me . . .
And to finish off this post - let's do a Top 12 Memorable Moments for 2012 . . . in no particular order:
  1. Our family trip to Disney World
  2. Broken arm #2 for Marlie
  3. Samantha starting preschool
  4. Evan having a ton of milestones - walking and turning 1 being the big 2
  5. Jayson getting promoted
  6. Being blessed by wonderful family and friends coming to visit us
  7. The birth of our nephew and having the first holiday with cousins
  8. Marlie getting into PASS - we have always known she was smart . . . we just didn't know how smart until that IQ number was put in front of us!
  9. Sota's first illness - we didn't realize until it happened that he had 8 years of life with no sickness
  10. Having Mom and Eric move to town
And I think I have to leave it at 10 - there are several individual items that could be listed under item #6, but then the list would be more than 12 . . . and 10 is a nice round number anyway . . . and my writing train of thought got broken when, right after typing #10, Eric called to let me know that Mom wasn't breathing well and that they might have to call 911!  Most likely she is hitting pneumonia territory again (the same thing that put her in the hospital for 6 days back in May).  I rushed over with the nebulizer and 3 good breathing treatments later and she was doing better . . . we will see how it goes . . . but for now, champagne is in order!  And with that bit of excitement thrown in, we might actually make it to midnight now! Happy New Year!

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