Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas 2012 . . . A Few Pictures!

It's hard to believe that Christmas has come and gone! There were over 200 pictures, lots of time with family, and a ton of fun.  Here are a few of my favorites in no order whatsoever! :)
Marlie made Daddy a wallet out of GA duct tape - it was pretty awesome! 

 Grandpa and his girls - he gave them each a full photo album of pictures from Disney and pencils with their names on them - it was a favorite gift.

Doing hair with clips from Princess beauty kits

Christmas Day - opening presents in jammies 

Sam's beauty shop apron

Marlie did a lot of gifts on her own this year - she made Grandma a snowman

Me and my boy and one of his many car related gifts

Family picture in front of the tree 

Kiddos and Grandma



A new blanket from Grandma

Stompeez from Barry and Donna

Sprinkling reindeer food

Uncle Eric and some gifts

"I don't know why everyone wants to take pictures of me?"

Opening presents

And we will end on the note of a handsome boy in his Christmas sweater . . . that came off soon after since it was pretty darn warm on Christmas Eve!
It was a wonderful holiday . . . and it's always a little sad when it's over . . . but we find ways to keep the excitement going . . . like today for instance - we ran down to Nashville for a little bit this morning and then got home in time to squeeze in a trip to the clinic for Evan who has a horrible ear infection and borderline pneumonia . . . antibiotics and breathing treatments - tis the season! And when I say squeeze in the trip, I mean it!  I got done with his appointment at 2;55pm in time to drop him at home and head to my 3:20 post op checkup.  I am ready to ring in the new year . . . 
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Tina. said...

Man I can really see how much Evan looks like Jay in that photo of just them!

eHawkins said...

LOVE all the pictures! I think my favorite is Uncle Eric, I mean seriously he is just too adorable in that shirt!

Ear infection and pneumonia, ah! What is it with kids and sickness? I'm ready for Stella to stop blowing out her clothes. 3 outfits a day usually. I guess God is punishing me for all the times I said "you're full of shit".