Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Evan has abandoned his love of necklaces for a while and has now moved on to his apron obsession - still something around his neck though . . . I think his therapist will have something to say about this one day :)
Marlie lost tooth number 2 at school yesterday - and Daddy saved the world because after I passed out at 9:30pm like I do these days, he remembered to do the tooth fairy thing, and he was a lot less panicked about it than I was!
And unfortunately, we had to pick Marlie up from school with a 102.8 fever - one look and I knew it was strep. So we headed to the doc and lucked out like never before and hit no wait!!! It was so awesome - and double jackpot that we got my favorite NP . . . And triple jackpot if you ask Sam and Evan, since they both got Popsicles along with their sister :) So now she is on the mend and I am praying that this is isolated. Funny thing - each time I have been pregnant Marlie has gotten either the flu or strep - and no flu or strep in the winter months when I haven't been pregnant - weird!

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