Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Last Few Days

All Evan wants for Christmas is new pots and pans for Mommy :)

 Friday night we headed to Nashville to see Santa at Bass Pro Shop.  We had dinner at Macaroni Grill and then, unfortunately, passed up Santa.  We have never had to wait in line there before, but apparently the world has found out about the free Santa pictures! But we got a cute picture outside.

Saturday morning was the event at the school that I was part of organizing - Pancakes with Santa.  We raised a good bit of money and everyone had fun - the kids went around with Daddy and Grandpa while I worked.  They ate pancakes and then made frames . . .

Decorated cookies . . .

And made reindeer food! 

After a fun and busy morning, I ran home and picked up Marlie and we headed down to Camp Holloway in Nashville for the Girl Scout Holiday Marketplace!  The girls made some seriously awesome crafts as gifts for 4 hours!

I love our troop and our awesome group of moms!

Then we were up bright and early Sunday morning to have breakfast with Grandpa before he headed back to the blizzards in Minnesota!

Everyone woke up ready to cheer for the Vikings . . . and they totally won because Evan was sporting his jersey in support!

Time flew by too quickly, but the kiddos were excited to spend the time with their Grandpa!
And because the weekend wasn't busy, Sunday afternoon Marlie and I headed out to a birthday party for one of her Girl Scout friends . . . and that's pretty much where the weekend fun stopped!  I left the birthday party to get Jayson and go to the ER for 6 hours while Grandma stayed at home with the kiddos.  I spent the entire day Monday on the couch in hopes that bedrest would help the general crappiness in my body . . . alas, it did not.  This morning at 2am I woke up in pretty freaking horrible pain . . . I turned sheet white, blacked out for a second, and then decided that this business had to stop!  I drove to the ER and collapsed on the admissions desk . . . I yelled at a few doctors and got some pain meds and then was able to have a logical conversation!  The ultrasound still looked fine, but by this point I had been passing clots for almost 48 hours and now my levels are going down, which pretty much means with certainty that I will lose the baby.  I go in to the doctor tomorrow and will most likely need to schedule surgery - my body won't let go of a full term baby, I have a hard time believing it will let go of this. And then this chapter will be done.
I think that if I didn't have 3 beautiful, healthy children that I would feel a little differently than I do.  Honestly though, my only concern was telling the girls.  I explained to them that sometimes when we plant seeds the flowers don't grow, and that is basically what happened with the baby - we planted the seed in my tummy and the baby didn't grow.  They wanted to know when there would be another baby - that's not one I have an answer for just yet.  And Sam was grateful that I wouldn't be going back to the hospital :) It's disappointing, and it sucks, but it happened for a reason . . . and I know that . . . so now it's time to move forward  . . . which is a lot easier to do then I would've expected solely because of 3 little people who have been giving me lots of hugs :)

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