Thursday, December 13, 2012

Holiday Gear and A New Chapter

The kiddos got on awesome package from Grandma and Grandpa in Atlanta with some new holiday gear - the girls' beautiful dresses - Sam wanted to sleep with hers because she said it was as soft as a blanket!
And the perfect Christmas shirt for our boy - Santa in a dumptruck!
And yesterday we put the stamp on the end of a small chapter from the last month of our life. I went into the doc for a checkup and was sent for urgent surgery. Basically in precise medical terms, my body had said no thanks to the pregnancy, likely a chromosomal mismatch that would've not been a healthy pregnancy, but my cervix said "oh no, we hold babies forever in this body" - so the two were in conflict and their argument was about to explode - hence, urgent surgery. So now my body is on the mend and we will move on and figure out what's next :) I know what's next - holiday awesomeness!!!

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