Friday, December 14, 2012

More Than a Picture

Marlie brought home pictures from school that were taken at the Pancakes with Santa breakfast we had last weekend. They are cute and of course I love the look of Samantha in the picture of just the girls :)

But I want to remember years down the road that on this day it was so much more than just getting a picture home from school. . . Because on this day of horrific tragedy in our country, it was the fact that I was happy that my children themselves came home from school. I spent a few hours watching the news and shaking and fighting back the urge to go and grab my children from school and hug them, because I could! I let a gigantic sigh of relief when I saw Samantha walk to the car after school . . . And when Marlie came running off the bus I grabbed her and didn't let go (to which she naturally said "what are you doing Mom?!").

I said that I was making it through the last few days a little easier because of these 3 . . . And now I am holding them even tighter, because I can . . . And I am so grateful that words cannot even describe it right now . . .

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