Monday, January 28, 2013


In the last 24 hours they has been some serious awesomeness going on:

Mom and Dad got a night out to have fun and remember the days when our names weren't Mom and Dad. It was fabulous

Marlie had her first private guitar lesson and continued to amaze her teacher - and of course, her parents

Evan is getting better and better at the potty business - and while he has said Marlie for a while now, he has just figured out how to say Sammie, and I dare say he has a new best friend in her and she in him

And as for Samantha, she came home today with the note that she has been picked for Star Student this 9 weeks - to which we cheered and praised (but in our minds thought, of course she is!). But no matter how much praise comes from Mommy or Grandma, nothing tops your big sister giving you a hug and saying "great job Sam - that's so great" - and it pretty much melted my heart too

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