Saturday, January 26, 2013


I had a BFF forward this picture to me - and I love it!!

People think I am crafty because of the things I do with my kids - it's so not true. I am good with projects because of my Type A personality - I enjoy things with finite ends. And I am good with helping my kiddos foster their creativity. But being able to do crafts that are easy and enjoyable for children 6 and under does not a crafty person make!

I read a story once that a woman wrote about not doing crafts with her children because she wasn't crafty. She remembered her mother always making perfect crafts with her as a child and she just felt like she could never live up to that. It was around Christmas one year after her mother had passed away and she found a box of handmade ornaments they had made one year when she was a child. As she pulled out the ornaments she realized that the ones her mother made that she remembered were so far from the picture she had in her mind. They were put together crookedly and missing pieces and completely imperfect.

Moral of the story - it doesn't matter if you're crafty - your children will see you that way and remember it forever. So while I am far from crafty - I can't sew, I think scrapbooking is pointless, and I don't make decorations - I will always take the time to do projects with my kids . . . And who knows, maybe I can call myself crafty now thanks to this picture :)

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