Friday, January 4, 2013

It's Time . . .

It's time to channel patience and breathe deep . . . because we are embarking on the task of potty training Evan Michael.

Some notes:

I am using the 3 day potty training method that I used with Sam. We will throw away his diapers after breakfast (well, they will go in a plastic bag and he will pretend to throw them away - cloth is expensive people!) and hit the ground running.

I refer to the 3 day method also as the $279 method - that's how much our carpet cleaner cost - there are no pull ups involved!

Doing this means Evan and I are attached basically during all waking hours - and we don't leave the house!

While I believe in waiting for signs of potty training, I don't believe in waiting until the kid says they are ready. I also know that every kid is different. Marlie potty trained herself and took one look at baby sister in diapers and that was it - I kept putting pull ups on her, but she would wear the same on all day - it was me that needed to let go! Sam would've gone to kindergarten in diapers if I didn't put my foot down at 2.5 and say no more - I can guarantee it! Did you know that in the last few decades the average age of the potty trained child has gone from 18mo to 33mo?!? Um, no - while I will wait for signs, I am the parent and I know what you are capable of and I don't need to wait for you to realize it :)

So here we are with Evan at 20 months. He is waking up from naps dry, following his sisters to the bathroom all the time and sitting on the potty, and pulling his pants off at every chance (it's 25 degrees outside!!). May as well go for it!

And now we take deep breaths and go for it . . . and I hope I have the balls for this, as Mr Crandall would say . . . Because after 6.5 years of diapering non stop (with a 3 month break before Evan came) it would be nice to carry a purse instead of a diaper bag!

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