Monday, January 21, 2013


Obviously the girls were off today - so I decided to take advantage and do some activities surrounding the observance of today and what it's all about!

Now they are still pretty young, and if you really get into it, this is a pretty heavy topic, and for the most part unconceivable to an innocent child. Most of the discussion was with Marlie, but Sam listened. There were some questions - and we listened to Dr. King's famous speech at the Lincoln Memorial. Then we tied it in with some activities I found geared for younger kids

First was a connect the dot picture of Martin Luther King Jr.
Then we made peace flowers - using different colored handprints. We talked about the hands overlapping and how by working hand in hand with other people we can work towards peace - and the different colors of the hands helped drive home the equality point that we talked about as well.

Like I said - it's serious stuff to talk about - segregation, slavery, and assassinations. But those are just some points in the main story of equality. As long as they understand the end result, we are good :)

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