Friday, January 11, 2013

These Girls

These girls . . . They pretty much amaze me!!

True - they are currently working on a 280 piece LEGO set together.

True - Sam has already done this motorhome LEGO set by herself twice since Christmas.

True - Marlie brought home a straight A report card from school, complete with "Excellent" in a few areas like handwriting, not just satisfactory.

True - Sammie goes to the treasure box almost every single day in class. Yesterday she got 2 treasures for being the only one in class to know how to write and recognize her numbers to 20 (she can rote count to 100).

True - Marlie is the big sister in this house, but Sam flexes her big sister muscles from time to time and its awesome!

True - they are growing up faster than I can even imagine.

True - I love these girls more than words - I think they are awesome little chics and I am so proud they are mine :)

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