Monday, February 18, 2013


I had a bunch of pictures from our weekend and was going to post them and was happy and patting myself on the back that I remembered to take pictures . . . Then at 10pm last night both Samantha and I started puking our guts out - I am talking every 20 freaking minutes!!!

Somewhere around 11:30pm I had the sense to text Grandma and tell her to please come over ASAP in the morning - because school is out today and Jayson left for work at 5am!!

As soon as Marlie stepped out this morning, she threw up too! As we stand now, the girls have bounced back and are holding down food - I am still hating my world . . . And life surely would've been disastrous without Grandma . . .

And the buzzer goes off on the washer with another load of puke laundry . . . I will post pictures later about my glamorous life!

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