Saturday, March 9, 2013

Happy #45 Uncle Eric

Today was Eric's 45th birthday. I have said before that my brother is truly one of the world's greatest people, in every sense of the word - yes I love him because he's my brother, but the place he holds in my heart is more similar to that of my children, though I didn't recognize that until I had kids. It's hard to explain, and I have fallen short so many times in life, but I want to give my brother anything I can, because he asks for almost nothing!

So today was his day - I wanted everything about it to be about him. And I think, at least for today, I succeeded. I took him donuts for breakfast and then we headed out to tour a local funeral home. Yes I am aware of how odd that sounds, but anyone who knows my brother will tell you that it is perfect. And I assure you, Eric is pretty much the only person on this earth that I would put myself in the position of having to entertain/chase around Evan in a funeral home for almost an hour and half for! We saw it all - and the staff and directors were so genuinely nice! They even took Eric for a cruise around town in their 1957 Chevy Bel Aire ambulance, complete with letting the sirens go! He has been staring at that ambulance for 3 years, the first time he visited us here he fell in love - and today, well, it was pretty much a dream come true for him to roll around town for 20 minutes in that thing. 

After that we grabbed a quick burger and parted ways until dinner at Old Chicago - his place of choice. Then it was back to the house for a cake made and decorated by his nieces - complete with 45 candles. We had decorated the dining room for him, grabbed some balloons and over the hill decor to complete the scene, and he unwrapped a couple of presents - some pretty sweet books about the Beatles and Elton John. And did I mention that Evan probably sang/said happy birthday to him almost 45 times today?

It was a good day . . . And while I know he was extremely grateful, it made my heart happy to see him smile all day long. 45 years of life . . . And here's to another 45 with my brother, the beloved Uncle Eric!

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Tina. said...

Happy Birthday Eric!! Sounds like a great day!