Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring Break - The First Half

We started out Monday with a Spring Party for a few friends . . . and naturally, 2 inches of snow!  Needless to say the egg hunt was inside.  The spread . . .
The games and treats - in addition to the egg hunt and snacks the kiddos did 2 different bunny crafts, decorated cupcakes, and we played a couple of egg games.  For the older kids, they matched the green eggs together by pairing rhyming words, like from the book Green Eggs and Ham.  For the younger kiddos, they matched their top and bottom eggs by matching the lowercase and uppercase letters of the alphabet - it was cute . . . and naturally fabulous since everyone got lip gloss prizes :)
Tuesday morning was storytime at the library.  We went to family time, but ended up staying a lot longer than expected.  They have a 4 and 5 year old storytime for preschoolers to go into independently.  Marlie used to go when she was 4, but Sam has always been in preschool.  Well Sam shocked the heck out of me when she asked to go - I was so proud of her asking to do something independently I couldn't say no . . . even if it meant another 30 minutes of Evan in the library culminating in a 2 hour trip!!  But Marlie enjoyed the extra time to look up books - and we talked about call numbers since she wanted books on the non-fiction side, not just easy fiction.  Her newfound interest is in reading all about snakes and different varities.  I thought it was just a thing with reading until we were in the pet store the other day dropping Sota off for grooming and she wanted to look at the 10 different varieties and was even standing there waiting for this dude who was contemplating holding a python - like standing by the cage to the point where it was making me nervous!  Sorry Grandma . . .
We also headed to OC for Kids Night on Tuesday.  Evan is such a flirt and tries to grab pens from all of the servers aprons when they walk up - they all love him so no big deal.  However, we were at a booth with a large party behind us and Evan was LOVING the new fried zuchinni straws they have on the menu, and enjoying the white dipping sauce even more, and he kept trying to tap the dude on the shoulder that was sitting at the party, and naturally wearing a black shirt!!!  Trying to reign in his friendliness can be difficult sometimes.
Wednesday morning was spent at home and then Marlie headed to a friend's house to play for a bit (she is an extremely popular girl this break).
Then we picked her up, and her friend Madisyn, and we all headed to Pirate Storytime at the Library!  Sam had a bandana, eye patch, and Evan's pirate rainboots on - but here they are after they made their parrots.  A note on the rainboots, you can't see them in the picture - I picked them up on clearance and with a coupon for $1.99 instead of $35 - they are a size 8/9 so I figured Evan could grow into them since he's in a 7 but they run big so Sam whose in a 10 could wear them.  I didn't really buy them for the purpose of wearing rainboots, but more for trying to get him to stop wearing princess high heels - I thought by providing an alternative it would help . . . it has not!
Now we have our last 2 days of break . . . and Daddy is home to enjoy them with us . . . there is some excitement coming for these kiddos . . . and it's all a surprise . . . yay!!!

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