Sunday, March 31, 2013


We took a trip to Evansville, Indiana on Friday.  They have a decent children's museum there that we get into for free with our museum membership.

Evan loved this little thing that floated balls in the air!
The girls enjoyed the face art room - ladybug Marlie and pirate Sammie
The brave little one enjoyed petting hissing cockroaches - I wouldn't even touch them.  And you can see Evan in the background taking off!  He was all over the place - the only thing that kept him contained was a pirate ship bounce house at the front of the museum!
Our little jam band
After a couple of hours at the museum we headed to the Old Chicago in Evansville and then over to the Guitar Center to kill a little time.  After that it was time for their surprise  - Disney on Ice!  We had been planning this since we heard that they were coming to Nashville in October.  The benefit of going to Evansville?  Our seats 12 rows up from the ice were 1/4 the price in Evansville that they would've been in Nashville!  They were great.

I packed costumes for the girls - Samantha chose a Tinkerbell dress and Marlie chose her Jessie costume - Pixie Hollow and Toy Story 3 were 2 of the story themes.
It had totally escaped my mind that Mickey and Minnie and friends would be hosting - this boy's life was made!

It was a great time and they had a blast with their surprise.  A nice end to Spring Break 2013!

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