Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

We have had a pretty laid back weekend after a week of Spring Break fun!

But we dyed our eggs on Saturday.  There never seems to be enough eggs - even when you have 2 dozen.
A picture of the loot that the Easter Bunny left . . . I love their baskets, hard to see in the picture but each basket has their first and middle names on them.  And I must say, I am impressed with the Easter Bunny's mad shopping skills this year . . .not only were there equal amounts in everyone's baskets, but each basket came in under budget and equal at $15/ea!  Those Slushie Magic things are $15 alone - unless you start shopping for stuffings with Christmas clearance :)
Everyone seemed to wake up early and was ready to roll.  Evan was so damn excited about Easter that as I opened his bedroom door he went ahead and jumped out of his crib . . . literally!!  I have zero desire to remove him from confinement . . . but the truth is he is currently the oldest kiddo that we have ever had in a crib at 23mo.  Marlie was 19mo when she made the move and Sam was 22mo.  I don't know . . . I guess it's something to think about . . . but giving up the confinement was a non-issue with Marlie (she wouldn't even get out of the bed until we came to get her, minus the month or so she slept on the floor!) and I was okay with it with Sam because she was in a room with Marlie.  But Evan Michael left to his own devices?!?! I don't know . . .

Anyway, I had to rush to get extra baskets we had around because they immediately started grabbing eggs that the Easter Bunny left!  There were 60 and they seemed to get pretty evenly distributed.

Dividing out the loot inside the eggs.  All the candy gets put in together, but the coinage is definitely kept separate!
They finally wanted to check out their Easter baskets after examing all 60 eggs' contents
Evan enjoyed getting into his basket - favorites were a Donald Duck, an Elmo book, and Cookie Monster flash cards.
It rained all day until 4pm - so we didn't go anywhere or enjoy being outside . . . but at 3:30pm I finally had everyone put on their spring outfits and take a picture.  No, Sota's not taking a poop, that is how he sits on the steps . . . I couldn't get him to lie down, odd only because he sleeps on a single step a lot!!
We finished up the day with an Easter dinner and dessert ala Grandma!  Happy Easter 2013 - bring on the spring weather!

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Tina. said...

Haha Sota kinda looks like a three-legged dog!