Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Markers are Fun

So it's been hard having Evan use crayons - he sees his sisters use them, but they also use markers, and those are way more appealing.

As always, Evan has provided me with a first of having a child try to color on a wall. It's not like we don't have large and various amounts of paper and coloring books, the wall is just a more inviting canvas I suppose.

So we have been battling over the lesson of the wall not being an appropriate space to create art . . . And I guess that lesson has been somewhat learned . . . And we are moving on to the next one - your body is also not an appropriate canvas for markers . . .

***Let it be noted that his legs, arms, and feet, while displaying somewhat of a pattern that I applaud, are not the only parts that were colored . . . I put his underwear BACK ON to take the picture - he also wanted redefine the expression of "covered head to toe" to include private areas.****

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Tina. said...

Well well, he just wants some tattoos, mommy!