Tuesday, April 23, 2013

"Bus! Bus!"

Evan has decided that he is tired of seeing other people get on the bus. So every morning he has to try to get his shoes on and go to. Only now he has elevated it to grabbing his backpack and his Elmo lunchbox and putting his cup in it and then filling up his backpack with it. The $4 I invested in the backpack and lunchbox has paid for itself with playtime as Evan runs around yelling "bus bus" and flashing his sisters disapproving looks as they try to pretend the couch is the bus. . . But is making me a little depressed that my last one is wanting to go . . . I mean, what if he goes to PreK like Sam? 2 more years and I am done? Suddenly him peeing in his pants doesn't seem like that big of a deal . . . suddenly even in the midst of potty training the crazy boy that is my son, and going through 2 year old tantrums, I am able to see and understand the warning of the previous generation - "cherish these moments, they go by to fast". I always seem to have someone say that as Evan is destroying something, climbing on something, or I am otherwise preoccupied with his physical ability to mess shit up! I don't get the phrase at those times . . . But when my last baby who is 6 days away from turning 2 throws on a pack and acts like he is more than ready to leave me . . . I think I might ask for separation anxiety back!

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Pink Caddy Rocks said...

They never leave you! They are going to take you with them to places you thought you would never go! You are going to be so crazy busy at football practice run by nutty Dads who want to practice 5 days a week. Dance practices, music lessons, 3 in scouts and more. Wait till you have to subdivide yourself 3 ways. Because until that first one gets a license, YOU are the driver and transportation. Enjoy each stage! The next one is just as much fun without a diaper bag.