Tuesday, April 16, 2013


1. So Marlie announced to me yesterday that she went an extra step in class and added with thousands not just tens and hundreds - I am pretty sure she is headed for algebra soon . . .

2. Samantha told me that her goal was to write numbers past 30 - today she came home with the paper in the picture - she just kept going until she ran out of paper. She wasn't copying anything, she knows how to form these numbers. She can also count to 100 by tens and ones. Considering the kids in her class are working on writing numbers and counting to 10 - and the goal of kindergarten is to write to 25 and count to 100 - I am wondering if kindergarten is going to be a little silly for her!

3. As to not be left behind, Evan has decided he too will join the smarty bunch and is now counting to 10 - his favorite thing to count - flowers (otherwise known as the dandelions in our yard!)

And just because she had been asking and I didn't know how to say no to such a request, Samantha got another Kindergarten workbook and will likely be done before the weekend with the 400 pages. I suppose at some point I should stop buying kindergarten ones and move on to 1st grade . . . These kids are going to be smarter than me before they get out of elementary school . . . And I am okay with that!

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