Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pools and Ice Cream

The last few days have been completely consumed with this pool crap! I grew up with a pool and have NEVER said I wanted one! But I wanted this house - and come July when it's 110 I will be happy to have it. Right now - it's seriously a pain and there is a giant learning curve with someone else's investment of thousands of dollars - all things that put me slightly on edge.

But as I was outside cleaning it I heard the familiar sound of childhood - an ice cream truck!!!! Oh the excitement of the girls! So they picked out their goodies - Marlie ate hers, Evan made a mess of his when he got up from nap, and Sam dropped hers in the pool :)

But the ice cream man (who is a local Santa during the holidays and actually uses half of hismoney from the ice cream truck to buy toys for needy kids) was nice enough to tell me that he will be stopping by every Sunday around 1:30pm. Nice to know so that the kids can plan on doing chores to earn some ice cream money! And in an interesting twist, he has punch cards for a frequent buyer . . . Just what we need! Ha! But that's okay . . . I am glad they get to experience this little part of childhood that they have missed out on the last few years . . . Reason #87 that the horrible move was so worth it!
And yes - they are in bare feet - for the first time in 3 years they have a driveway that is walkable and a front yard they can walk in without fear that someone has thrown trash in it . . . That would be reason #63 . . . It's gonna be a great summer!

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