Monday, May 27, 2013

The Lion King

Marlie's Girl Scout Troop used some of their cookie money to buy tickets to the Lion King's Broadway show that came to Nashville. The tickets were paid for by the cookie money for the girls, but we had to foot the bill for the other tickets. Originally we were going to just take Marlie, but they had some extra seats due to girls moving, so we took Samantha too. However, there was no way that the little man was going with us - not for that price - and not for an over 2 hour show! So Evan stayed back with Grandma and we hit up the town!
After the show we all went down to Rock Bottom and enjoyed a nice meal with Jayson's discount :)
It was an awesome show - and instead of opting for the program as we usually do, since there was a playbill the girls picked their favorite characters and got mini plush replicas (I use that terminology to help me with the fact that I purposely just brought more stuffed animals into this house!) as their souvenirs.

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