Monday, May 27, 2013

Garage Sales

In my adult life I had never accumulated enough stuff to have a garage sale - I always sold stuff on Craigslist as we went. But with this move I thought it was time! With a few attempts getting shot down by weather, I ended up moving the remainder to the new house. I am done - we did decent, but have so much stuff left!!! The big stuff will go on Craigslist, the kids stuff will go to consignment, and the rest will get donated!

Trying to hold a garage sale with Evan is interesting to say the least! Not only does he greet everyone with a hug, he attempts to sell items! He showed one lady a microwave and said "look, see, it cooks" and then opened it up and said "see, cooks". And she engaged him and then walked toward something else and he started picking up miscellaneous items and handing them to her saying "here". In the end she didn't buy anything but said to me "he has tried so hard I can't leave without giving him something" and she gave him $1. To which his response was to run to find a sister saying "monies, monies, got monies!"

So that would be Evan's first earned dollar! Who wouldn't be compelled by that face?!

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