Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Wednesday

This was a pretty calm day in comparison to the last few! We have had Marlie's tennis lessons (she has them twice a week for 7 weeks and they are FREE - but she is awesome at it and LOVES it, so the "free" part is not going to last) at 8am, swim lessons at 9am, and then have stayed at the pool from 10-noon! Add a little tball and guitar in the evening and it's been crazy!

Sam had her first tball game last night and she got a hit - that's about all you can say :) Focus isn't her best when surrounded by grass and butterflies!
But she had fun and we had fun watching her and cheering!
Today was Marlie's second tennis lesson. No lie - she totally hit a forehand from the baseline and made it just over the net. I am proud - but also a bit terrified that she will fall in love with this expensive sport like I did!
But today we had no evening activities so it's been catch up on laundry and such to prepare for my 4 day weekend in Chicago!!!

It's true - I get 4 whole days to spend with 2 pretty fabulous friends of mine. They decided between the 2 of them to buy a plane ticket for me so that I could join them and good times could be had! There is a reason they have been in my life for 20+ years - they are just that awesome!!!

I will miss these 3 awesome little people!
But oh the thought of hours of quiet to read on a plane and waking up only to fix myself a beverage and no one else . . . Oh goodness . . . 

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