Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sammie's Day

We got up ready to head for tball opening ceremonies and pictures - unfortunately, both were rained out. So I took it as a day to spend with my baby girl. 
We went to Home Depot and did a project instead (and took one home for big sister who opted to stay with Grandma and brother).
And after painting, Samantha got to be Miss Sheila's big girl helper and refill all of the paint trays. She was swamped with people coming in so we offered to help out - the least we could do given what she did for us and Evan's birthday!
Then we went to lunch at Daddy's restaurant and someone got their very first IBC!
But in her true fashion, she asked if we could take one home for Marlie because "Marlie would like her very own glass bottle too" - so true! And she knows her sister so well that she chose a cream soda for Marlie - which was exactly what she wanted!
I was so happy to have this day with my little girl. She is such a joy in every day of my life . . . And while she is always as happy and content as can be, it tugged at my heart when she had the shock, surprise, and excitement when I told her that we were going to eat lunch just the 2 of us . . . There is nothing that can replace the awesomeness of siblings . . . But the time alone with a parent is priceless . . . And the time alone with my sweet baby girl was completely irreplaceable . . . I am so glad it rained today!

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