Saturday, June 1, 2013

Pottery Painting

We have frequented a local pottery place since they opened a couple of years ago. We have plates, ornaments, boxes, oh my! I have now resorted to letting the kids paint "tots" - little figurines and objects to put inside the boxes they have painted.

Not only can it get pricey, but how much pottery does one need?! Next up is going for utilitarian stuff - I need a spoon rest and salt and pepper shakers :)

But on Thursday we had a private toddler time with our MOMS Club there - the kids listen to a story, do a project, and then have a snack. It was a cute story about Dads - we opted to paint some tots instead of a plate for Daddy. I think that Jay will appreciate Evan's purple and gold football helmet more than a plate! 

The beauty of summer - I get all 3 of my kiddos for activities every day now!

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