Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer Dayz

Right now we are a pretty busy bunch around here!!! Just a little look at what we have going on:

Marlie: Tennis lessons (ongoing), Swim lessons (one session down one to go), Guitar lessons (ongoing), Girl Scout Camp (one week - current), Tumbling camp (one week - coming up)

Samantha: Swim lessons (one session down one to go), Tball (practice and games - 2 nights a week).

Evan: first session of swim lessons coming up, enjoying being crazy

It seems like a lot, but everything is alternating for the most part. There are days that get a little hectic, but that's okay. I would much rather go through this in the summer than during the school year. 

Last night was one of our busy nights. We dropped Marlie at camp and then headed to the ball park for Sammie's tball game.
She did a great job. She hit a home run and even tried to get a play with a throw from the outfield. She is really getting the hang of it . . . I think my favorite part is the over zealous Dad who has appointed himself as ruler of home plate and tries to help all the kids with their stance and swing . . . Sam wants no part of him touching her and positioning her shoulders and every time nearly took the dude's head off because he was in her personal space and she swung the bat anyway. She has played enough at home to know you wait until you have a clear path to swing, so I am assuming that's her way of saying "back the hell up" - she is my daughter and I am proud!

And speaking of invading personal space 
This kid just wants to give everyone he sees a hug and a kiss! Yes, it's sweet - yes it's endearing that he thinks everyone wants/needs a hug. But let me tell you that his innocence is disturbing at times. When he runs up to very sketchy looking bikers and/or thugs and throws his arms around them and then tries to take their keys, sunglasses, phone, or whatever else he feels in their pocket - it becomes nerve wracking to say the least. Not that I have ever been a shy or reserved person, but he is definitely forcing me to engage with more people from different facets of life than I care too . . . And we will leave it at that . . . I am starting to look at people who put their kids in those leash harnesses a little less harshly . . . 

All in all, we are staying busy and having fun! So it's time to start another day - tennis lessons and then home to meet the pool guys!!!! After a month of dealing with this pool, we are finally getting a new liner and will have a pool to swim in by the weekend!!!! YAY!!!!

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