Sunday, June 23, 2013


I turned 32 on Thursday - eh. It's kind of one of those nothing birthdays - I didn't just turn 30 and I'm not almost 35. 

But despite it not being a milestone birthday, my husband made it fabulous! We started with a nice dinner out in Nashville . . . 
And then headed back to Clarksville to hang out and play darts - it's what we do ;)
And my 3 beautiful children gave me a Pandora charm bracelet with my first charm of family
I love it! I am so proud of them for coming up with this idea!! My charm bracelet from my younger years was full once I added a charm for Evan - so I am in love with the idea of starting over!

And Jayson gave me a spoon rest :) Which if you know me, you know that it's hard to say which gift I love more!

Cheers to another year - I think I am ready for a little change and excitement this year - we will see what we can do about that . . . 

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