Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Girls' Party - 2013

The girls' birthday party this year was filled with friends and of course our family!  They started out by opening presents from their grands on Friday night. And it worked out great - Marlie was finishing her last night of camp, so Sam got to open her stuff on her own and then Marlie came home and did the same . . . it's nice to get the one on one time sometimes . . .

 I actually got in some pictures too!!!  And I love that in these two pictures, my girls look like they belong to me a little bit :)

 Some favorite gifts:  purses, Polly Pockets, Barbie movies, maxi dresses, and Sam's camera (she is her Grandpa's granddaughter and was going around trying to snap a million pictures and asking people to pose!)
 Then on Saturday we started the day with birthday donuts!  Then it was time to gather everything up and head to the gymnastics center for their birthday party!!
 Birthday girls!

 And because I would rather take our time and let all the kiddos have fun, I have learned that it is best to save the present opening for when we get home . . . tons of reasons for this . . . and it worked out awesomely!  They can go at their own pace, not worry about other kids grabbing their stuff (other than Evan), and we got to recreate a little of Marlie's first birthday party . . . opening presents on a blanket in the back yard!  It was so nice . . .

We have to very blessed little girls who enjoyed their birthday party and all of their awesome gifts, but as always said that they loved having their family here!  And birthday season for the kiddos in the Crandall house is complete . . . and we totally rocked the party scene this year, if I do say so myself :)

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