Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Happy #5 Samantha

Samantha lucked out this year and their party fell on her actual birthday.  She had a great day spent with family and lots of friends!

A quick story that put an awesome cap on the day.  In our new house the ice cream truck stops by a few times a week.  It was a coincidence that the truck stopped by on Marlie's birthday and she got free ice cream.  Well, the ice cream man promised Sam that he would be sure to stop by on her birthday too.  As the day came to a close Sam realized he hadn't stopped by - I guessed that we might've missed him while we were at the party, and that it would be okay, we would just get ice cream on another day.  A few minutes later as we were putting on pajamas there was a knock at the door - it was the ice cream man.  He apologized that he hadn't stopped by - he arrived home and put his truck away and then realized that he had forgotten the birthday girl.  He got in his car and drove over to our house to deliver her ice cream before the day was over - and not just one treat, but a bag of 8 different treats, all of Sam's favorites plus a few more!  He made her day . . . and mine as well.  It was really overwhelming to see someone go so far to keep a promise to my little girl . . . and the smile on her face was priceless.  I don't think I could've asked for a better end to her day.
 Sammie at 16 months - a picture that illustrates her so perfectly

My little Sammie Michelle . . . the fact that you are 5 years old blows my mind.  You are a free and beautiful spirit and light up our lives every day.  I love that you are my sweet baby girl and your big eyes and sweet face keep you out of trouble most days . . . because you are certainly my constant lesson in patience always reminding me that "accidents happen".  But you test my patience because of your fearless nature and your want and desire to try everything you can.

Right now at 5 years old you are . . .
  • Obsessed with chasing lightning bugs and reading about snakes
  • Trying every day to keep up with your sister
  • Beginning to love your dog and having Sota around you
  • Fitting perfectly into your unique role of being both big and little sister
  • Showing everyone around you that every once in a while you need to let out your crazy
  • Becoming smarter and smarter every day
  • Playing tball for the first time . . . and having fun with it, but not to the point where you actually want to dedicate time to it
  • Enjoying just being into everything and trying everything you can because you never want to miss anything or an opportunity for something
You will always be my sweet baby girl . . . and my favorite little challenger . . . having you in my life will always help me to remember to stop and enjoy life, because through your eyes, everything is beautiful and awesome and life truly is carefree . . . and I will always be grateful to have you around as a reminder of that.

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