Monday, July 29, 2013

Back in the Groove

I can't believe it - we are officially on our last week of summer vacation!! There is still a lot of fun to be had in the days leading up to the first week of school - but as far as routine, we need to be getting back to it!

Now - obviously with Evan still at napping age and such, we don't stray too far from our schedule during summer break - but getting up and not getting ready immediately and taking 30 minutes to eat breakfast are all things we need to get out of the habit of.

So today we started our "back in the groove" week. Every morning we are getting up and getting ready just as if we were going to school. It's not too much of a stretch since their new bus will come at 7:58am and we have to leave the house by 8:30 for swim lessons - so I thought it would be worth the practice and kicking it into gear.

And today we even walked the 1 minute walk to our bus stop :)

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Tina. said...

I can't believe summer vacation is already coming to an end! But then again, the cranky adult in me says, "You kids should be thanking your lucky stars you HAVE a summer vacation!"