Saturday, July 20, 2013

Introducing . . .

Bob and Freddy Brooklyn
The 2 newest members of the Crandall family. Bob is the one on the left and is Marlie's and Freddy Brooklyn is on the right and belongs to Samantha.

They are 2 make betas, so they have a black wall in between as to avoid killing each other :)

After several weeks of catching lightning bugs, Roly polys, lady bugs, and frogs, we decided maybe it was time for a fish or 2. Jayson would've preferred another dog . . . And Samantha would've preferred a hamster . . . But I am easing into this situation of adding animals! And the girls got lucky because the Welcome Wagon sent us a packet in our new house with a $10 gift certificate to the pet store around the corner - so total cost of 2 Betas, tank, food, supplies, and decorative plants and rocks - $18! I can handle that! The hamsters are a little pricier . . . 

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