Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend Stuff

Well besides the addition of our 2 new fish family members - who now have alias names like Gilbert and Goldie - we also went to the Farmer's Market on Saturday morning . . . 
It's important to get there at 8am if you want any chance of good produce! Jayson could care less about that since it seems his only goal at the market is to find the most unhealthy things they sell (ahem, fried pies!).

Then we headed for a hike to find a place for Sota to swim! Unfortunately the only place we found was crowded with people and canoes - so we will try on a weekday. And besides . . . we were tired of hearing our very UN-outdoorsy girls whine about being hot and sweaty! They need some toughening up or there will be no camping in their future!

But they are super tough when it comes to indoor activities! Marlie's GS troop had a skating party yesterday and I was SOOOO proud of my girls and their relentless trying! They have plans to go back with Daddy and show off their new skills - the manager was so impressed by Sam and her determination he came over and gave her a free admission pass! Marlie got some from GS too - so free skate day will happen this week for sure.

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